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Btn Files To Zip
ThGZip Projects

In this window the files to be zipped can be defined. With a selectable Filter only these files are zipped, which have the corresponding file extensions. 
The directory is always relative to the set path. The Path can be set by button Button Set Rel Dir To :.
Pressing Zip Btn Load Dir
a directory can be added to the list. With  Btn Zip Load File  a single file will be added. 
Btn Zip Them With this button all above defined files will be zipped again.  Then a dialog to enter the filename will be opened.
Btn Sync
Zip Sync
This menu shows the content of the zip file as a tree.

Zip Sync List

After pressing  H the files of the filesystem will be compared with the files of zip file. A list with the files, which differs are created.
With the symbols  "=>", 
"<=" a.s.o. it will be shown, in which direction the files has to be moved to be synchronized. Of coarse it is possible to change the direction of one file or multiples files.
H all selected operations will be executed..

Zip Btn FTP

After the zip file is synchronized, it can be transferred to a ftp server by pressing button  Zip Btn FTP. With Zip Button Upload  the zip file will be uploaded to the server. With  Zip Button Download  a window with the content of the ftp server will be opened and the file to download can be selected.  Zip Button Show FTP shows the content of the FTP Server (see window below).

Zip Show Dir
Zip Btn Report
Zip Report

All operations will be written in a log file.