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Download...     Version 1.0.2 (4.6 MB)
The free version has no restrictions, so you can test the version before buying.It appears only sometimes a message, that the product is not free.
This version is identically with the bought version. With the buy of the product and no more messages about registration will appear.


ThgNews  runs under Microsoft Windows Environment (Windows Vista, XP, 2000 ME, 98)
For ThgNews a broadband LAN connection is useful

News on the

Every few seconds a new message on your desktop. It appears even if the screen saver is active  or you are working with a text processor.
The news can moved anywhere on the screen. If the tool handicapes you by your work, it can be closed by   for a few seconds. The Icon Speaker shows an audio file. With a doubleclick the audio file can be listen in the application, which is linked to it. A Video shows a video file.

News with

If you want to know more about the subject, move your mouse above the news and an additional window will appear. With a doubleclick your personal internet explorer will appear, where you can read the fully message of your newspaper. So you will always informed without struggling through a countless number of internet pages full with advertisement.



One Click with the right mouse button and ThGNews can be adjusted on your purpose.
Setups like, how long the news have to be stored, which news are shown on the destop, how often ThGNews will connect to internet, are only a small selection.

If your newspaper has an RSS-Feed ,  select the link, which you want to subenscribe and copy it to the clipboard, open with the right mouse button the setup menu and choose "Paste".  The RSS-Feed will  be subsciped with its icon  and you can take a look  at the news  by pressing  Show All News.

For more information about RSS -Feeds please see Wikipedia.

Show All News

Here is the command centre of ThGNews. News can be sorted,  can be organized in a new folder or can be deleted.  Also there exist different views, like news ordered by time, or  original feed.
Not only news feeds can be stored here, even file links, directory links and internet links can be stored, or  even any notes.
If you are looking for a file on your harddisk or on your company network, store the link here and you will find it next time. You have only to drop the file, the directory or the internet link  onto ThGNews and the link is stored. One double click and the excel, winword document will be opened in their application.
So you can organize your work by yourself , independent of  the sense of order of other people.

Setup All News

The property of each RSS-Link can be set separately. 


With Notes you can store E-Mail addresses, or Internet Links. One click and your E-Mail program or the internet browser will be opened.
With the right mouse button you can add additional format settings like bold, italic,  underline..
An easy tool which helps you to manage your daily work.

Get registrated
Send an E-Mail to ThGSoft Sales with your address.  You will get a key file for registration.
You can easily use Paypal (used for Ebay Payments) for payment. So we get no information about your credit card.
Ask for discount if you want to buy more registrations.

Single Place Version
(registrated for 1 user for a reasonable number of computers)
20.00 sFr.

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