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Solve your maths easily with ThgMaths.

Enter your equitations, press "=" and Calc and you will got the results. If you want to see a graph, no problem use Plot(..) and you will see the Results.

Like ThGNotes Images Web Links, Excel Sheet a.s.o can be integrated. All data are stored as a Rich Text Format  which can easily used with MS Word.

Matrices Calculation, Complex Calculation, Defining variables everything is included in ThGMaths


Definition of Variables
 "x" will be assigned to the real value of 5.0. 'x' can be use in further calculations.
c:= 5.0+ 7.0i
As well complex values can be assigned to "c"..
v:= (1,2 +6i,3)
Definition of vector "v". Complex values can be defined inside the vector.
A:= ((1,3,4,5),
        (7,1+ 2i,4,5),
Definition of 4x4 Matrix. As well with complex numbers.

List of Functions
sqrt(x) square root of  x, where x can be a real or complex value
sqr(x) square x, x2
exp(x) exponent of x, ex
ln(x) logarhytmus naturalis
sin(x) sine of x
asin(x) arcus sine of x
cos(x) cosine of x
tangens of x
arcus tangens of x
absolutus von x, |x|
inversion of x, 1/x
for matrices inv(A), the inverse of the matrix A will be calculated A-1
sum of vector v,

creates a diagram of the pairs of vectors x1,y1,.., where the elements of  x1, y1 are defining the point on the  x,y -axes.

FIX(int FracLen, bool KillZeros)
ENG(int FracLen, bool KillZeros)
SCI(int FracLen, bool KillZeros)
Number will be displayed with the "FracLen" fraction lenght. If "KillZero" is TRUE all not used Zero will be deleted.

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