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Use ThgLog to record your activities.

ThgLog stores your activities. Each application, which is started, will be recorded. Each window, which will be open, will be saved in a file.  You can see in a cleary arranged diagram, what you have done the whole day, week or month. This allows you easily to show your expenses against your customer or  your management.


Download...     Version 1.0.1 (800 kB)

The free version has no restrictions except data exporting, so you can test the version before buying.


 Log Main

Get registrated user.

This allows you to export data in as csv (comma separated values) or as text files. So you can examine, analyze your data in f.e. MS Excel.

Send an E-Mail to ThGSoft Sales with your address.  You will get a key file for registration.
You can easily use Paypal (used for Ebay Payments) for payment. So we get no information about your credit card.
Ask for discount if you want to buy more registrations.

Single Place Version
(registrated for 1 user for a reasonable number of computers)

40.00 sFr.

25.00 €
36.00 $


Version 1.0.1 Language support added.
Version 0.99 Initial Version